Why Should You Invest in Personal Branding Photography?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

man and woman looking at each other and laughing in a deli

You'll never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

Research suggests that within 7 seconds of meeting someone, that person will have made assumptions about who you are. But online, it is thought to be as little as 50 milliseconds. This means that on your website and on your social media profiles, people are judging your business based on what they see in an instant. Your aim is to make them stop and find out more about your story.

So, how can you do this?

Personal branding photography is a key investment for your business to help your brand make a great first impression. Personal branding is all about YOU and your personality.

  • Who are you?

  • What do you do and why?

  • Who are your dream clients and how can they relate to you?

You want them to see what it’s like being you behind the scenes, what makes you different from the competition. Personal branding is all about being visible and putting you in the centre of your branding.

It has been common knowledge for years that visual content on social media performs 4.4 times better than text-based content, but the type of visual content you post is even more important.

For example, stock photography is one of the worst-performing types of imagery in terms of engagement. A stock image, no matter how carefully selected, does not convey your business, your values, your personality and it makes it difficult for potential customers to make an emotional connection, which impacts their buying decision.

Essentially, we buy from people, not businesses. If you see a photo of the person behind the business, you can immediately start to get a sense of that person, which in turn can convey values such as trust and reliability.

Yes, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it is human nature to form an impression immediately based on what we see. So, from a business perspective, you can ensure that the images you post on websites and social media are the best they can possibly be at portraying your personal brand – who you are, your skills and experience, your personality and your story.

If you have any questions about personal branding, please do contact me for a chat.