What I've Learned From 2 Years of Motherhood

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

This month my baby girl turned two. When did this happen??

You hear a lot of cliches when it comes to parenthood, and for me, a lot of them have come true! They grow up so fast. Every moment is precious. The time flies. It seems like only yesterday…

Our life has completely changed since Aurelia was born. The last 2 years have felt like an eternity and an instant at the same time.

The law of physics doesn’t apply to kids it seems.

It’s not like I didn’t know things would change once I became a mum, I did. Here’s the picture I had in my head:

My baby happily playing on the other side of the room, while I worked. When she was old enough, dropping her off to nursery and her cheerfully waving me off as I left, and of course, being a great eater and sleeper so I could focus on my shoots and editing!

Yup, I hear all you parents laughing your heads off!

Yes, I had a very naive outlook on parenthood. I can honestly say, 2 years in, I wouldn’t change a thing! I’d be lying if I said it had been easy. I’m sitting here trying to write this while Aurelia is giving me directions on what I should be doing instead - playing with her!

As much as motherhood has changed everything and presented us with challenges - it’s also made everything better in every way.

Taking photos of your own kid is really hard!

Taking photos of other people’s kids gave me dangerously misinformed expectations of what it would be like to take my own child’s photo.

For example, when taking photos of someone else’s family - They all laugh, smile & play nicely together while I take photos for a few hours. I’ve nothing else to do at this time but focus on taking their photos. It’s almost relaxing and I’m getting paid to do it. Perfect job, right?

I would look back at the photo session and how fun it was, and think how wonderful it would be to photograph my own family one day.

I had no idea what I was thinking!

I had no idea how tiring it would be to look after a baby, let alone muster up the energy to chase her around for a photo! Now I know that plans for photos with your child take a back seat to teething, tantrums, or plain old disinterest.

Did I mention it’s an enormous challenge? But I’ve never stopped trying! In 2 years I’ve taken over 10,000 photos of Aurelia.

I’ve realised to be a great photographer of your own family you need stamina. As a professional photographer, I am used to shooting in short bursts. The longest shoot I’ve had has been for a full day (day in the life).

Undertaking a photography project that lasts years, or even decades! That stamina isn’t something you develop overnight, you need to make a conscious effort to take the photos.

Gradually, your determination to document your family becomes stronger

Is this something I’ll become perfect at? Nope. There’s no such thing as perfection when it comes to this.

That’s okay because, one day, Aurelia will see all the photos and videos I’ve taken, and how much effort and time I put into documenting her life and she’ll know it was all out of love for her. That keeps me going.

On that note; I wanted to say to all the parents out there documenting their families - It’s an undervalued, super hard job and you should be proud of your efforts!

I love to help families create memories through my photography sessions, so please get in touch for a chat.

Until next time,