The Importance of Capturing the Fleeting Moments of Childhood

“The days are long, but the years are short” is a phrase often spoken about children growing up and is perhaps especially more poignant at this time when many in the world are living in a form of lockdown due to Covid-19.

We’ve all been there when one day with many challenges has felt like a lifetime. But then as each year passes, looking back, it seems such a short time since your children were that newborn baby in your arms.

It is so special to hold memories of those moments of childhood, not just in your mind but in photograph form as well. A photograph can capture much more than just an image; it captures emotions, memories, and becomes a page in your story.

We all think we will remember every detail from our children’s lives; their firsts, losing teeth, days out, cuts & scrapes…but in reality, memories fade. When we have photos from these times, it takes us straight back to that moment in time every time we look at it. It might be that you look back at your childhood photos and think ‘why did my parents dress me like that?’ or ‘I don’t remember having that toy’, but whatever emotions it evokes, it is important to be able to look back and spark memories.

Another important part of capturing moments of childhood is including yourself, the parents. You make your children’s childhood what it is, and you are a key part of their story, so make sure you are in the photos too. Don’t find yourself behind the camera all the time. This can be done as simply as using selfies when no one else is available to take a family photo for you, or by working with a family photographer to capture those special memories.

When capturing a moment of childhood, whether it be you with a phone camera or a professional photographer, what is important is portraying your children in their natural environment, such as in your home or garden. This will give you a more natural, relaxed representation of their personality, their emotions, and their interests. In other words, whilst posed pictures are beautiful and perfect in some instances, shooting ordinary moments in everyday life often better captures childhood moments. You often get the best shots when your children are completely unaware that you even have a camera in your hand!

Photographs are important to us all – they help us to reminisce about the past and they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories.

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