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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

How many cheerful and cherishable moments in life do we miss because we are just too busy? I am busy - I am so busy - that I have forgotten why am I doing all this. Life is about experiences, life is about enjoying moments - and we have the tools to preserve the moments we can cherish for the rest of our lives. More so, doing it with people that we love - our Families.

Leicester family reading books while being photographed
Maternity shoot in Leicester park in sunshine

Photographing Families - Especially the Little Ones

Your kids are growing - they are always growing. You remember the day your child opened its eyes for the first time - the first time the tiny hands held you. Soon they will be packing their bags and moving to uni. Hold on - that was a big jump - but you get the gist of it. While your kids are young, getting a family portrait each year is a beautiful way of preserving the moment - the moment that will never come back. Before the children grow up and find their own meaning of life, this is your moment to hold it all in. Take advantage of the moment now - a sweet reminder of the whole family growing together - physically and mentally.

Newborn baby in crate in Leicester
Father and daughter sleeping in Leicester

Relive the Beautiful Moments

A picture has the power to take you back in time - to make you feel the happiness of the moment. Photographing families have the same power - but only magnified - magnified to a level where it takes the whole family on the journey of feeling the joy of that moment - the moment when the little Austin was wearing that cute red jumper - when the cheerful Ava was holding her favourite teddy.

Don’t let such beautiful moments pass by. They don’t come back.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you snap that moment in time.

Mother and daughter walking in Leicester park
Leicester family playing with paint

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