Lockdown Doorstep Shoots

In May I started offering socially distanced photoshoots of families in Leicester on their doorstep. As part of my doorstep shoots, I asked these lovely families to send me a few sentences to summerise their time during the lockdown. As I read these, I noticed a common thread. Every one of these families has managed to find something positive in this strange old time.

As lockdown is tightened in Leicester, I’m sharing a few on the blog in the hope that they bring you a little ray of sunshine amongst all this chaos.

Eda, Fatih, Zeynep Rana & Caramel

"During quarantine days, we arranged our duties online and had the opportunity to spend more time with each other. We have tried to stay at home and safe, and haven't found it too difficult. It is good to know that this won't last forever and these days will stay in our memories"

A Leicester family standing around a garden swing, girl is on the swing and looking up at cat.

Samia, Dave, Ara & Adam

As a new mother of two, during the lockdown, I struggled with aspects of day to day chores. However, we are resilient. Particularly, in times of hardship. Over the three months, I have become a calmer and confident mother. I now cherish these moments as I know it won’t last forever. Lockdown for me has been a hidden blessing."⁠⠀

Thank you so much Eda, Fatih, Zeynep Rana, Caramel, Samia, Dave, Ara & Adam!! You brightened up my time during lockdown!