Leicester Lockdown Doorstep Shoots.

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

In May I started offering socially distanced photoshoots of families in Leicester on their doorstep. As part of my doorstep shoots, I asked these lovely families to send me a few sentences to summerise their time during the lockdown. As I read these, I noticed a common thread. Every one of these families has managed to find something positive in this strange old time.

As lockdown is tightened in Leicester, I’m sharing a few on the blog in the hope that they bring you a little ray of sunshine amongst all this chaos.

Olivia, Joel, Dot & Darwin

“The current pandemic has effected everyone and I feel lucky in some ways that for us the changes for my children haven’t been too drastic. My daughter is still at home with mummy (although no more groups and coffee dates is sad- can’t say I’m missing the soft play!), my son was born just before the first Coronavirus case was recorded so this is all he’s ever really known and we are very fortunate that both my husband and I still have jobs.

I work for myself which I’m truly grateful for and my husband is a key worker. The real change for us is that as he’s a doctor on ICU he really has been on the frontline. He’s risked his health (and ours) to support those most in need and has been working crazy shifts to do so. There are things I know he wishes he hadn’t seen and situations he’s been in that no one should ever have to experience. He’s also been ill himself contracting COVID19 from work.

But we are all still going; finding the positives and enjoying the precious memories we are making.”

Parents holding their baby boy in their Leicester back garden

Daughter in a denim jacket in Leicester back garden kissing her mummy

Louise, Dean, Robert & Annabelle

"Lockdown has made us more grateful. It has lifted some of life’s pressure and allowed us to have more family time together. We are looking forward to pubs, cafes, and restaurants opening up again and meeting with family & friends."

Family with a son & daughter outside their door in Leicester

Couple outside their doorstep in Leicester

Family of four standing outside their house in Leicester

Thank you so much Olivia, Joel, Dot, Darwin, Louise, Dean, Robert & Annabelle!! You brightened up my time during lockdown!