Three Ways To Take Beautiful And Alive Family Photographs

As a family photographer, I love to take family photographs that capture the 'beauty in the every day’. I use natural surroundings and rarely use props because I want to capture you just as you are- relaxed, happy, at ease. So I wanted to share some of my top tips for photography for you so that you can begin to capture these for yourself.

Photography from a professional is incomparable to an iPhone image for so many reasons - not least my creative and artistic ability, my absolute love and passion for capturing family bonds and love (not many phones and cameras come with that listed on the box)! as well as the level of my equipment and kit and editing process being professional standard. I won’t always be on hand when you’re on a family day out, and sometimes when you’re alone and you don’t want to get ready to go and play at the park but you just want to grab some quick snaps that still look great and share-worthy! And because I care so deeply about family, I really do care about you having great shots too - whether they come from me or from your phone camera! So here is my quick-fire guide to getting great family snaps, every time. 3. Photographing children? Crouch low to the ground… and stay there!

Children are little, and so is their world, and you capture the magic of their size and sweetness, and character by being at their level. So don’t take your photographs from the perspective of an adult… get down into their little worlds. 2. Don’t pose your children.

I know, they look adorable in the little outfit you just purchased. But what is memorable and what is adorable are two different things. Capture them playing, or baking, or shouting with laughter. Capture them making mud pies and fluttering their fairy wands and making paper boats. It’s the memories of childhood that are precious, not the outfit or the way their hair curls. Of course, as a professional photographer I know how to capture both, perfectly, which is what I aim for in my family sessions; but for shots that you will love forever, don’t interrupt their play or fun to take your shot; get involved in it or capture it as it happens, and I promise you will love what your camera captures far more than you would do the ‘cutesy’ shots. 3. Look for the light.

Beautiful light is what really makes a great photograph. Move your newborn on to a white duvet that bounces your window light around. Capture your children when playing on the floor near your glass back door. Get them to look up to the sky so you can capture that sparkle in their eyes (do this when they are in the shade though so they don’t squint / there isn’t too much light). Look for interesting lines of light and shadow when out for a walk. Finding great light is about noticing the world around you and how your family interacts with it - which is what a good photographer will always do, seek the light and use it as the most powerful tool to capture your family’s beautiful moments and memories. These are my three top tips for taking wonderful family photographs of your own… but I know how hard it can be even aligning your family and capturing the photos, that's where I come in.

I can provide effortless photos where all you have to do is turn up and you can achieve truly beautiful and memorable images that you will treasure forever… contact me here.

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