Leicester Lockdown Doorstep Shoots

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

In May I started offering socially distanced photoshoots of families in Leicester on their doorstep. As part of my doorstep shoots, I asked these lovely families to send me a few sentences to summerise their time during the lockdown. As I read these, I noticed a common thread. Every one of these families has managed to find something positive in this strange old time.

As lockdown is tightened in Leicester, I’m sharing a few on the blog in the hope that they bring you a little ray of sunshine amongst all this chaos.


Jay, Krishna & Isha

“Lockdown has meant lots of family time, allowing us to create an amazing bond with our daughter which is growing every day!”⁠⠀

A dad in Leicester holding up his baby daughter

Family of 3 sitting on their doorstep in Leicester

Mum holding her daughter at her doorstep in Leicester

Paras, Pratiksha & Sadhana

"With a recent addition to the family, we envisaged and hoped we would be spending our time as a family together along with lots of time with grandparents, extended family and holidays alike... ⁠⠀


A sharp harsh reality struck when lockdown occurred! Not being able to see the extended family has been a real challenge, but at the same time, it has allowed us to really spend time together as a new family, bond and get to know our bundle of joy! ⁠⠀


We have all been fortunate to have Satsang In our lives. The volunteers and sadhus at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Sanstha have been working around the clock to ensure that we get a virtual ‘darshan’ of God and listen to spiritual and enlightening discourses. Clouds really do have silver linings!"⁠⠀

Parents looking down at their baby daughter sat on the grass in Leicester

Thank you so much Jay, Krishna, Isha, Paras, Pratiksha & Sadhana!! You brightened up my time during lockdown!