Why you don't have to worry about appearing awkward during your photoshoot with me.

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

One of the biggest concerns people have when thinking about a photo shoot is feeling awkward in front of the camera. Whether it’s photos with your family or taking photos that represent you & your business. This is one of the biggest roadblocks in booking a professional photoshoot.

We’ll plan the session

Lady wearing turquoise during a personal branding shoot in Leicester

For a personal branding shoot, I organise a zoom call so we can ‘meet’ each other before the shoot & we can discuss what will happen at the photoshoot. I plan out the types of images you’re hoping to get from the session and this is a great time to talk through any concerns or questions you may have. The planning call helps you look forward to the photoshoot and ensure you’ll be more relaxed on the day as you’ll have a better idea of what to expect.

For a family photo session, I will send you a prep guide that should go through expectation and any FAQs. Once I’ve gone through your questionnaire I like to have a quick chat to go through the activities we’ll do during the session and it’ll give you a chance to answer any questions you might have that the prep guide doesn’t answer. The reason for this call is to reassure you that your house & family don’t need to be Pinterest perfect. I’m here to photograph, the moments you share between your family, not your house!

Conversations throughout the shoot

Laughing lady in a red dress during her personal branding photoshoot by Deepa Rodrigues Photography

My approach to photoshoots is very casual. I like to get to know my clients and put them at ease straight away. There might not even be a single photo taken in the first 15 mins of the shoot, so you’re not under pressure to be ‘on’ right away. A shoot with me is like meeting up with a friend who brings along her camera :o)

Throughout the session there will be periods where I’m taking photos so I might guide you to where the light is better or make suggestions for more flattering photos, however, there will be times where we’re just talking. I love getting to know my clients during a photoshoot.

Documentary/Lifestyle photography

Tickle fight between dad & his 2 sons during a documentary family photoshoot

I see documentary photography in its truest form as ‘fly on the wall’ photography. This means there is no intervention from the photographer at all. This is the type of style I use more so during family photoshoots. I love suggesting activities during the photoshoot so everyone is more focused on that, rather than my camera. I may ask you to move to a better lit area or move sides for the sake of the photos.

My approach to personal branding photography is slightly different, in that I will help position you in the most flattering light & position for you. This will be a very small portion of the overall photoshoot. For the rest of the shoot, I’ll have you drinking your coffee/tea/juice, reading your book or answering your emails. I love to give you something to do with your hands, as for some reason when we’re in front of a camera, our hands become a problem area & we never know what to do with them!

So, now that I've crushed your worry about looking awkward in front of my camera, is it time to start planning your shoot?⁠⁠


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