5 Tips for Capturing Great Christmas Family Photos

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Christmas family photos

The build up to Christmas is full of excitement and anticipation to that one magical day, and many of us want to capture that festive feeling to look back on in photographs.

You may like more posed, group/family photos, or you may prefer candid shots, captured in the moment. I think both have their place, but often the most magical moments are captured when people forget there is a camera in the room and are just having fun making memories.

And you don’t need an expensive camera, most phones these days have really great cameras with multiple options for creating magical shots you can treasure for years to come.

So here are my top 5 tips for capturing fantastic family photos this Christmas.

1. Choose your moments

You don’t want to spend all Christmas solely focused on taking photos, so think in advance which are the moments you really want to capture. For me, one of the most magical moments to capture is the look on children’s faces as they open their presents. Capturing the emotion and delight on their faces is truly special. Every family has different traditions, so consider which parts of the festive period you want to capture and remember.

2. The background

I don’t know about you, but Christmas day in my house is not tidy! And some people may not want to take photos amongst the mountains of wrapping paper spread around the living room! But for me, this adds to the experience and helps to capture the atmosphere in the photo. But of course, you can be creative with the angles of your photos to avoid any mess or use a function on your camera that focuses on the foreground and blurs the background.

3. Make it fun

For more posed shots, especially involving children, you need to make it fun! And take the photo quickly so they don’t get bored! I would suggest avoiding those photos where you sit everyone on the couch and ask them to smile, as it won’t look natural. Photograph your family at the dinner table or playing a game. And if you do want a posed photo, give children (and adults!) some props or decorations to play with to add to the festive feel.

4. Make the most of the outdoors

Christmas photos do not have to be indoors. Yes, it is cold outside, but on a bright crisp winter’s day, beautiful photos can be captured, especially if there is frost or snow on the ground. A lovely time to take photographs in winter is as the sun is setting in the afternoon. It can create a magical warm glow in the background of your family photos.

5. Have fun!

The final tip is simple…have fun! Christmas is a time for fun and family, so don’t get stuck behind the camera looking for those perfect ‘Instagram-worthy’ photos. Often the ‘perfect’ family photos for you, are not what others would consider perfect. Just enjoy!

Merry Christmas everyone!