Updated: Feb 17, 2020


The time between finding out you’re pregnant and the ‘12 week scan’ is only approximately 9/10 weeks, but for me it felt like forever. Not feeling great in the first trimester meant I was on a constant countdown, thinking as soon as week 12 hit, all the symptoms would disappear magically! Also, even though the symptoms were there, I just couldn’t believe that there was an actual person growing inside me. I needed to see the scan to make it all real and finally be able to tell my friends and family the wonderful news!

When that day actually came I was so excited. We had an early morning appointment but got to the hospital before the reception even opened! After we figured out where we needed to go and which waiting room we needed to be in, luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long. We were called in by a lovely sonographer, and that’s when I started feeling a little nervous.

However, when we saw the baby on the screen it was incredible. I’ve seen a few of those sonogram photos you can get from a scan but when you’re watching the live thing on the screen it’s totally different. We have a very wriggly baby and we saw it moving about all over the place. In fact, the sonographer couldn’t get all the measurements he wanted and asked us to go for a walk to see if it would make the baby move into position!

After a 15/20 minute walk around the hospital we were back in, but the baby had other ideas. It was doing a headstand! It was amazing to see it moving around so much because I couldn’t actually feel the baby inside of me. This definitely made it real. I finally felt that Nick and I are were going to have a baby! I didn’t want the scan to end but that was it. We were given stills of the scan and were told that everything looked fine. Off we went to tell the world that baby Rodrigues was on it’s way!