Updated: Feb 17, 2020

As a small business owner, I feel a real bond with other small business owners so when I was approached by the lovely Natasha and Sajeeda from Whimsical Clothing, I jumped at the chance. Whimsical is a boutique of beautiful clothing designed for little girls with a stylish edge.

Natasha and I met via the Babies and Bumps group on Facebook and we had worked on a charity event together. Natasha’s clothing line was springing into life so she needed some pictures of her lovely range and reached out to me as I specialise in photographing babies and families – her target audience. I was very keen to help so we agreed on two photoshoots – one static shoot of the clothing and one using models.

I was a little out of my comfort zone for the first photoshoot. My photographic style is very candid; I love to capture people in important moments and create lasting tokens of happy days, so a static shoot of clothing was quite different to what I was used to. But as soon as I got behind my Canon 5D Mark III, it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed doing something different.

On the day of the shoot we tried a few different set ups and played about with the lighting using a Interfit F5 2-Head Fluorescent lighting kit. I usually use natural light so it was an exciting experience to use an additional light source. I used a trick I had recently learned where you stuff the clothes with bubble wrap to give them a three-dimensional look. This added so much depth to the photos and coupled with the extra lighting, we got some really great shots that really showed off the attention to detail and quality of the garments.

The second shoot was such a joy! The shoot was arranged at a local café called Room V in Leicester. It’s a really cool location which serves hot drinks and a variety of pastries and desserts which look (and taste) amazing! The café has long dark wall with huge windows at either end, which even on an overcast afternoon let loads of light flood in.

When I arrived, Natasha and Sajeeda were setting up and creating perfect scenes for me to shoot. They created a very cute afternoon tea scene, as well as a staged birthday party. The birthday scene, complete with an impressive unicorn cake, was extra special as one of the models, Sofia, would be celebrating her birthday the following week.

The models arrived and dressed in the stunning clothes provided by Whimsical. Natasha and Sajeeda thought of everything – they even brought matching tights and adorable little shoes for the models.

We all had a total blast! Especially the girls, they felt like real princesses in their party dresses and headbands; it was a joy to see. It was a delight to see all of the mums just as excited as the girls, as they loved seeing their babies skipping around in lovely clothes and giggling.

All in all, it was such a beautiful day and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Have a look at the pictures, I’d love to hear your thoughts!