Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I know I’m not alone when I say I LOVE Christmas. I love everything about it; the presents, the decorations, the food – all of it!

When October comes around I start preparing. As soon as the first whiff of winter spice hits the air I snap into Christmas mode and start making plans. Present shopping always comes first, and as there’s a few of us to shop for it helps to get it sorted first.

We usually go all out for Christmas. The whole house is decorated and we have a huge tree. We have a nice bit of space so I like to have a nice big tree and make a real feature out of it. One of my favourite Christmas moments is sitting cross legged in front of it with a Christmas movie playing in the background, wrapping presents.

When the Big Day comes, we pile round my house and have a manic day together. Tonnes of food and presents flying over everyone’s heads and almost two full days spent in the kitchen!

But I quickly realised this Christmas would have to be different – I can’t do everything like I normally would as I’m five months pregnant! Eek! This year I can’t think about anything other than my pregnancy so my usual organised self hasn’t shown up. It’s like I blinked and all of a sudden, it’s Christmas and I have NO IDEA what’s going on. I tried to do all the usual things but it all takes so much longer than it used to and to be honest, I’m exhausted!

I found it quite frustrating at first; you get used to something being a certain way and then suddenly it’s all change and I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. Then I felt a little kick and reminded me why we had to change, and I began to look at it completely differently. We’re going to need to have a nice small and quiet Christmas this year, because next year we’re going to have a brand new person to account for – and I can’t wait! I actually think I’ve spent longer thinking about next Christmas than I have this one.

We thought about going out for Christmas Dinner, but as most of us are vegetarian it didn’t really seem worth all that money for something that would essentially be a plate of veg! So, we decided to have a very low key and simple Christmas at home - none of the fuss, but all of the love.

My sister-in-law offered to bring the turkey and pigs in blankets for those who eat them, and we bought frozen vegetables and vegetarian food for the rest of us. This meant that with everything pretty much prepared already, we didn’t have much to do Christmas Eve so we went out to deliver some presents and see some family we hadn’t managed to catch up with yet. When we go home I started to prepare some of the fresh food, but got half way through the Brussel sprouts before I felt exhausted and let my husband Nick take over.

To be honest, the build up for Christmas didn’t feel the same as it usually does, so I half expected Christmas to feel like any other day. But when I was wide awake at 5am because I was too excited, I quickly learnt that I was still full of Christmas spirit!

While Nick and I decided to not give each other presents this year, we had been spoilt by our loved ones and I was like a kid when I was opening up my presents. Tearing off the paper was fun but so surreal as a lot of the presents were beautiful things to start our journey into parenthood and for the new baby. One of which was a hamper with some lovely food and a ‘Parent’s Emergency Kit’ with typical handbag-essentials for new mums.

My mother-in-law gave Nick a big stuffed Penguin toy that he has wanted for ages. He was so excited by it, it was like a glimpse into my future Christmases’.

Everything went to plan and it was all so easy! We had a gorgeous lunch at about 1pm then stuffed our face with chocolates during the Queen’s speech. Later in the evening, my sister and her husband came around with a Lasagne, so we continued eating and played some board games. My mum and sister beat me at Monopoly, and then Nick and my dad won Pointless. I didn’t win, but it didn’t matter, it was the perfect day.

I was shattered by the time everyone went home around midnight, but I was so full of love and happiness.

So that was my last Christmas without my own little one. It was different, but so fun – I loved every minute!

Christmas 2017 at Rodrigues house in Leicester
Nick opening his Christmas present in Leciester and Deepa Rodrigues posting on photography Instagram
Christmas stockings and a log fire in Leicester
Nick getting exactly what he wanted for Christmas 2017 before the baby arrives

Nick's mum opening her present on Christmas morning 2017 in Leicester
A great Christmas gift to use next year when the baby arrives
Nick prepping the veg for Christmas lunch in Leicester
Deepa Rodrigues posing in front of the Christmas tree in her jumper in Leciester
Christmas candle 2017
Christmas 2017 simple table setting
Christmas 2017 no fuss place setting
Family in Leicester enjoying their Christmas 2017 lunch
More presents to open after Christmas lunch
My sister loving her handmade chocolate for her Christmas 2017 present
My mum enjoying opening her Christmas 2017 presents
No Christmas in the Rodrigues household is complete without playing Monopoly