Updated: Feb 17, 2020

So last week I launched my shiny new website, and shared it with you. The response I got was so amazing, thank you! As part of my launch I knew I wanted to do something a little different. Earlier this year I joined a group where I received a surprise parcel in the post. It was so lovely to receive something I wasn’t expecting! I knew I wanted to do something similar with my launch. I wanted to create something that gave the recipients the same feeling the parcel gave me.

I teamed up with local suppliers to put together a gift box with a sample of my photos and a lovely treat.

I worked with Leicester’s very own Willy Wonka; Pete Gardner of Cocoa Amore. He is an award winning chocolate connoisseur who has had the honour of making bespoke chocolates for Her Majesty the Queen.

Pete was brilliant and helped me choose the perfect chocolate box. He also introduced me to Steve at Gartree Printing- little did I know of this gem hidden away in Leicester City Centre! I was able to do all my branding at Gartree and the process was made so easy.

It’s been great to work with people who are so willing to help small businesses like mine. I look forward to working with both Pete and Steve again!

Once I gathered the components of the box I had to put them together. It doesn’t really seem too bad until you realise you have 16 boxes to assemble which may take a while. Lucky for me I had my awesome husband to give a helping hand!

Nevertheless it was so great seeing the boxes come together! Here are the finished products.

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