Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I am so excited to share my first Day in the Life photo session with you. What makes a Day in the Life session so special, you ask? Well, instead of the normal 2 hour photo session I was with this family for the whole day. I was there shooting when they woke up at silly o’clock in the morning all the way up until the kids went to bed. The best thing about this type of session? There’s very minimal posing and direction from me required, I’m just there like a fly on the wall, taking photos of the amazing and unique things that are so special to each and every family.

For my first session I was so pleased when Anu got in touch via Facebook and invited me to spend the day with the Sanghrajka family. From the moment I arrived at their gorgeous house I was smitten with witty Zaara (3) - the smartest and sassiest 3 year old I’ve met so far! I felt like we really bonded during the time I was there and gained a lovely new friend at the end of the session. I then had the pleasure of meeting the adorable Aarav (4 months) Zaara’s cute little brother who was just the perfect model. just precious!

The day was filled with everything that make the Sanghrajka unique in it’s own way; lots of games, a water fight, food, pancakes for breakfast every Saturday, dancing, storytelling, hugs for everyone, Zaara’s phase for the day, ‘most certainly’, Aarav being content with a toy and play mat, gardening with the grandparents, and of course because it was Zaara, lots of books!

One of the most touching parts of the day was seeing how close the Sangharjka family were (not only in distance) with their extended family it reminded me of my own family...Mid morning I had the pleasure of meeting Aarav and Zara’s gran and aunty&uncle who decided to declare war on the family with water pistols!

Thank you so much Anu, Chirag, Zaara & Aarav for making my first Day in the Life session so much fun & memorable.

If you’d like me to come to your house and take photos showing what makes your family unique, you can contact me here. I can’t wait to hear from you and meet your family!

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