I’m Deepa. I’m a Leicester photographer specializing in baby photography and all-day family photo shoots. “All day?” you may ask. Yes! I love to spend the day with you and your families, capturing the most beautiful everyday moments filled with love and connection. So many of us love to snap countless photos on our phones of our children, and this is wonderful, but my aim is to make sure that you have exquisite photos of yourself with baby too. 


I am passionate about giving families lasting memories of the day-to-day lives with a documentary style that stands the test of time. We deserve to be in the photos that our children, and even grandchildren will cherish for many years to come.

I live in Leicester with my crazy, loving, super-supportive husband Nick and my mother in law (and friend) Eliza. When I’m not taking photographs, or taking care of my clients and editing their photos, I live a pretty relaxed, down-to-earth life. I love pinning DIY ideas for my house, baking, following recipes, good cheesy veggie food, day dreaming about travelling the world, snuggling up on the sofa with a good book or a good movie under a nice soft, fluffy blanket with a cup of tea. My friends say I’m quite an easy-going person, and my clients say this helps them relax around the camera. 


I became a professional photographer almost by accident, it seems, but it feels like I’m living my dream. A few years back, after our wedding, my husband bought me a DSLR camera and I fell in love with it. It wasn’t just a passion, it was an obsession. In every spare moment I was reading and researching, advancing my skills. I took my camera everywhere. 


Soon after that, I casually took some photos at a few family celebrations and the idea began to form that I would love to do this professionally. I remember how excited I felt after photographing my cousins and their new babies during visits to their homes. I couldn’t wait to get home and edit those photos! The connection between the parents, the sweet sleepy baby, the way the new mothers got lost in the eyes of their babies - I just loved it all. Family and baby photography has been my greatest joy ever since. 

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