Family Photography

Making Family Photography Fun

And Straightforward Too

When you work with a photographer, I know you’re looking forward to the end result - the pictures.

But it’s important that the bit before that is enjoyable too. The session itself should be something you look back on with a smile, that’s my commitment to you. Our time together will not only provide you with the images you want, but new memories of an experience you’ve shared and enjoyed.

So, how does it work?

Step One… We Talk

When you get in touch, we’ll arrange a consultation call, this is your chance to decide if I’m the right photographer for you.

We’ll talk about your hopes for the session and any concerns you might have, then we can make a plan, booking in your two-hour session for £75.

You can choose whether we have the shoot at your home or somewhere else you love - and then we’ll look forward to the next step.

Couple with young child on doorstep in Leicester

Step Two… Enjoy the Experience

Our two hours together is all about you, making the most of the time and doing things you love with your gorgeous family.

At these sessions, you’ll take the lead, with me and my camera very much in the background – enjoying your home or a place nearby that you love.


Resulting in natural, not posed smiles.


Step Three… Reliving the Memories

Now sometimes, this next bit is as much about tears as smiles – but I promise, they’re happy tears.


Your album of digital photos is available for you to enjoy for 30 days, you’ll have all the time you need to decide your own next steps – because what you choose to do with those images is important.

This is your family at a point in time, treasure it.

I have a number of options available; you can buy one-off prints, digital copies, or packages from only £270 which combine the best of both worlds – so take your time to make the right choices.


Deepa is an incredible photographer- able to capture the moment and frame it perfectly. She also has a remarkable ability to put somebody at ease and as a result of this the photographs turn out to be even more authentic. If you're looking for a photographer, look no further!! Thank you, Deepa.

- Thomas


While the time you spend with me is fun and the images we produce are to be treasured, the most important part of our session will be what you do with your pictures.

You won’t get the same feeling looking at photos on a screen as you do by looking through an album or admiring them on the wall. And more importantly, a study has actually found that having family photos on the wall helps build your child’s self-esteem, what an amazing gift.

Memories are precious but creating something tangible which allows you to reflect and enjoy those memories is priceless. Each of my collections includes a significant print credit for you to create your own real-world, hold in your hands, welcoming you with a smile, actual, physical gift.