There are countless precious moments throughout the day between you as a parent and your child that, when photographed just so, highlight the love and connection between you. These moments offer a special, timeless glimpse into the precious adventure that every “normal” day brings. For each family, this looks a bit different.


My years as a Leicester photographer specializing in baby photography has taught me that to provide unforgettable photographs that last a lifetime, it takes time, patience and being relaxed in a familiar setting. I don’t like fussy poses, matching outfits or forced smiles. Just you and your little ones, as you are, right where life unfolds naturally every day and including everyone (we deserve to be in the photos, too).


Each Day in the Life shoot starts the evening before. I'll come over in the early evening to give you and your children a chance to get to know me a bit and get used to having me around. This also gives me a chance to get to know you and your family better, to get an idea of what should be photographed.

The next morning, I start before the children wake up so I capture those earliest sleepy moments. Then I spend the day with you, doing whatever you have planned. This could be a birthday party, a family outing to the park, or just getting a few things done (like the shopping) and being at home together. You’ll be amazed at how many beautiful moments can be photographed in one day.


£995 for the shoot and 250 images

£1,245 for the shoot and all the images


If an all day session seems too long for you and your family, I can offer half day sessions that last up to 7 hours so we can fit in an activity of your choice including a meal time too.



£725 for the shoot and 250 images

£995 for the shoot and all the images



 I would love to hear about what kind of photographs you’re looking for. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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